Craig arrives! He was going to fly into Cabo later, but for some stupid reason is such a great friend that he instead flew into San Diego to keep me company / from falling asleep on the drive down. Probably doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into… And immediately something goes wrong. While driving up… Continue reading Copilot!

More Toys

Picked up toys deals. Jetski with trailer in SLO $1.8k, 33′ toy hauler (meaning the back folds down so you can drive adult toys like ATVs and motorcycles into it) in my kind of rough shape San Diego $5k. Drove all the way here without killing myself! Staying at *Giant* RV park Campland: 600+ spots… Continue reading More Toys


Mon. 9/27/21: Kate left and so did I (her in the morning and me much later afternoon than hoped):( But, at least I’m leaving in overloaded Beverly Hillbillies style!


Baja Catch

If it makes sense at 60k, it probably still makes sense at 80k. High ratio of talking about this without doing. Worst case is lose the $ and not have the land. Is this 20x less likely to happen than incremental 20 (x$5k) startup investments? Probably. It’s certainly a different, more exciting failure mode than… Continue reading MX PLAN: