stairs close

Plenty of welds to finish, but I already love them. Worth at least 20% of the time I put into em;)

rough pricing

On one hand, $50k to get a house built is an awesome deal. On the other hand, that’s a lot of money. And, the world is perpetually ~ on fire. A *very* good choice to have to make!

step design steps

A design for the steps on the spiral staircase. Meh: too much bend on outside (as in might permanently distort tube). Initially frustrating, then realizing this is just the trip I’m on (finally reading Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test). If I want things to look not-overbuilt and experimental, I’m gonna underbuild and experiment and change to… Continue reading step design steps


Cool! Sketchup models now let you ‘see in AR.’ Someone modeled the staircase we’re planning to recreate (that Kate found); this is it superimposed in Ballena Blanca. “Center” staircase column tacked in! A model of planned deck. Melon, the contractor who did the 2 slabs, can do it at height of lower container. A few… Continue reading models

Bike Tricks

After ~hours trying to fix it, I give up on a persistently-leaky tubeless and take it to the pros in town. Instead of expensive, thin, and narrow rim tape, they use cheap, wide gorilla tape. Pushing down along the spoke holes and edges, so far so good!


The 40′ container’s roof was bowing in, which is a bit alarming when you’re 18’+ in the air. No more! Yes this looks janky, but it’s eliminated or at least minimized the metal bouncy house:)