Yesterday was a *workout*. I’ve been slacking on runs etc., but holding breath and regular hours of swimming are kicking my butt.

Look at this sweeeet concrete pump. Probably cheap and would let us do cement walls on several casitas + whatever pools in ~a day. I think you do foundation as a separate pour ahead of time, but not sure; seems like a good question for a contractor or 4. 10 pads ~25×25 (or hexagonal approximation of them) would be very unlikely to be something we regret. Different sizes by a bit? Meh. Maybe irregular spacing between them. Pave paths? Nah, but should probably leave big enough to potentially make into 1way roads later? Meh. Fuck it and be opinionated! Bike trails; don’t bother paving yet / likely ever. Probably custom slabs x 4: bondtainer, RV etc. “parking area”, quonset hut, and something my Moana fully picks? Other than (slight) cost and lifetime reduction to ~50 years (guessstimate), are there real disadvantages to using rebar in the slab? It’s almost like I’ve got some questions for contractors…

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