Stomach weird and hand too swollen from coral encounter to fit in a work glove, so a whole lot of not much today. In contrast, look at these industrious ants taking over my fifth wheel:


For more than a few seconds, but not without dragging myself over some coral. And, I didn’t kill the kite! A 9.5m is a bit small for me, and I ended up ~2km south of where I started. In spite of my bleeding coral-raked hand, I feel pretty good!

cuttin holes

It really doesn’t seem worth insulating my newly-airy bondtainer. Maybe not windows, either: bug screens with magnets (/on sliders, shower-curtain-style?) + barn doors for during storms/security made from the metal I’ve cut off? This is the bounce after I jump up and down in one of the ends of the 40. Begrudgingly, I’ll add at… Continue reading cuttin holes

campesino blanco

A pickup I love, 2 dirtbikes, 3 jetskis, and a trailer: I think I’m officially a redneck. Look at this hilarious little guy! The wheels are ATV wheels. It feels like it wants to just drive down the beach all day every day. I love my bondtainer. It looks impossible. I’m exactly confident enough that… Continue reading campesino blanco


Trimmed some fat: doorways through the 20′, making the bondtainer look even more unreasonable. More + better pictures (and probably more holes) tomorrow. Sawzalls + grinders, I ate some but not all the blades; plasma cutter + big air compressor looking like they will be nice to have but not need to have for the… Continue reading overbuilt


Just another beautiful sunrise in paradise…

So Metal

It’s not Alco, but Metalum will suffice. Window frames (although still unsure if they’ll have glass or just screens), stripper pole, and monkey bar source materials obtained! And some subtle but probably prudent reenforcement for the 20′ container, too:)

clouds on my array

The batteries made it through the night! Alas, boiling water is a bridge too far. With the clouds persisting, it’s probably half an hour of attempts before I get just enough juice to boil water for my joe, running the electric kettle as the low battery alarm squeals, hoping against hope that it won’t shut… Continue reading clouds on my array

planning against collapse

As usual, spearfishing a main highlight of my day. Shot this big-eye trevally couple hundred meters north of La Tuna, hunting the hunter as he scared a cloud of smaller fish. Their meat looks like beef and tastes extra… earthy, I guess? Delicious fish tacos from ~5% of him, and the rest will become jerky.… Continue reading planning against collapse