At breakfast at Nomada, reminders.

The importance of planning utility runs so you don’t wind up with a PVC wart. Also, what a nice bar! Both the bricks and the unsupported top. I want our bondtainers’ deck (ground level) to be like this. Should probably post to upwork or something to get clear answers on thickness/reinforcement, or at least ask. I bet $20 gets me there, especially if I ask sufficiently clearly. ~: “I want to make my own dement decks and I’ having trouble deciding on slab thickness, frequency of supports, and reinforcement required. I want someone to walk me through a few options based on available materials / loads planned.”

We have packaged waiting in La Paz, and I want to replace at least some of my stolen tools. Package courier (and much else, including Tati’s best al pastor tacos in the world and even Playa Central!) is closed for summer, so we make the drive; really Kate drives there while I sleep on her lap. Taking a different route out of downtown La Paz approximately every drive, we find a holy grail: Dairy Queen! Blizzard with Reese’s and Crunch keeps me well-sugared for the trek back, balloon supplies, replacement drill, Starlink, and other goodies in tow. Toys!

These big fish aren’t fucking around. Yesterday, I speared one then got excited and pulled vs. swimming down + pushing to ensure spear’s through. Today, a big guy ~50′ from shore at Playa Central. Clean shot, spear through, and he wiggles + pulls. Line snaps at point of attachment to spear! Was a bit abraded before, but still: geeze! I’m lucky he didn’t run with the spear; I’m able to swim back to shore with it.

Rob Allen gun with no slip tip (not even a removable tip, for that matter), are you ready to shine?

Yes he was. 18# gutted, I think it’s a giant (for me) green jack. I’m quite proud of myself. Maybe the heaviest I’ve shot? Certainly one of top 10; likely top 3:)

But, do I quit while I’m ahead? Do I heed my Moana’s warnings to be careful of the giant jellyfish we’re seeing all over the area? Boom: it’s like I got punched in the face with a fire. I struggle to think of the last time I’ve been in this much pain. Grapefruit-sized area above my right eye hurts *much* more than when one of my brothers (~accidentally) hit me in the face with a baseball bat, resulting in several stitches under my left eyebrow. More than any 2 other nature-generated pains I can remember, for sure. Pharmacy prescribes apple cider vinegar compress then lidocaine mixed with hydrocortisone; I add 2x600mg tylenols. Couple hours later, I’m proclaiming: “Worth it!” and cutting my fish into pounds of strips for lots of jerky. But OOF! That was not what I’d call fun.

Reviewing cameras, I’ve got real clear photos and video of dude stealing our stuff. If someone can’t ID him from these, I’ll be really surprised. I offer to recommend and help set up cameras for anyone who’d like me to. Visions of sousveillance including one or several posictioned to read license plates as folks drive the one road into town. What could go wrong?;) For one, cops expand to monitor for nudity on the beaches or unpermitted construction. That’ be really thorough shooting of myself in the foot…

Sleeping early and extra. Do we have covid a second time, or are we just hot + flu or something? As we wouldn’t do a thing differently positive vs. negative, it is what it is; guess we’ll never know. People wear masks in stores here with no signs of stopping or flipping out about it; strikes me that here will likely fare better with current and future covid waves than u.s. or u.k. ‘Merica. They do have cheap power tools, though: replacing my Milwaukee drill here costs 2-3x as much. Probably worth shipping them down and paying the shipping fee + 20% duty.. maybe? Such first world problems… speaking of, todo try the bitcoin miner my buddy gave me off of solar power here! Maybe wait until Moana goes; I don’t think she’d be a fan of another night without enough battery for the fan;) Yet another “someday maybe” experiment to do!

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