I’m learning about the sociopolitical world of Baja through this theft! Next step in reporting the crime is to go to La Paz’s Ministerio Publico and, after asking for an official translator, file an official complaint. Posting to the kiteboarding group and some detective work (aka typing a name into google) yield the name, phone number, town, and facebook page of the cuplrit! There are local “candymen” who enjoy being able to deliver “candy” to tourists without too much attention from higher-up (competent?) law enforcement; apparently they get unhappy with petty theft increasing the attention paid to their market. I’m going to defer to local norms about where the balance of powers between state and non-state enforcers falls. Both seem nicely interested in reducing the likelihood that my toys get stolen! Still, “wanted” posters seem like a nice addition to the mileu. Maybe I get fancy and use a protonmail address, because one takeaway from this should be “information security is security or something sexier. “don’t fuck with tech folks?:)” or, simply “it’s never worth it to steal bikes or tools. their owners are disproportionately likely to be crazy people with emotional or vocational attachments to these objects.” lol

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