planning against collapse

As usual, spearfishing a main highlight of my day. Shot this big-eye trevally couple hundred meters north of La Tuna, hunting the hunter as he scared a cloud of smaller fish. Their meat looks like beef and tastes extra… earthy, I guess? Delicious fish tacos from ~5% of him, and the rest will become jerky.

I want to reinforce the bottom container before cutting out doors in both sides, as they’ll remove most of the height and width where the 40′ rests on the 20′. How thick does my metal need to be? After half-assedly researching similar questions many times, I finally took the time today to find what I think is a good answer. Euler’s column formula looks like what I’m looking for. Sanity check against some tubing company’s table of allowable loads confirms I’m in the right neighborhood; woohoo! I also figure out what size tubing I need to do a spiral staircase with steps not supported on the outside, but I’m less confident in this calculation.

I was overly confident in the sun’s ability to provide today: only 3.2kWh produced. Yesterday was over 6kWh, and the day before exceeded 10 (not sure total amount because battery hit full so stopped charging both days). Translation: clouds matter, and I probably am going to bite the generator bullet. Even with 1 or 2 kW of sweet dinosaur juice that only turns on for a couple hours on the cloudiest days, i’tll be a lot easier to keep the lights on around here. We’ll see if my low battery alarm wakes me up in the middle of the night…

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