This piece helped me chill (figuratively, fortunately, although the water has gotten a lot colder in the last month) today. “Sure, the founders were pirates, but even that’s a little bit funny.”

Oscarito’s is the closest grocery store. It’s not Berkeley Bowl, but it does have the best popsicles I’ve ever had. Treating myself to one this morning, I think “hmm, that looks like a chunk of pine instead of a normal popsicle stick. Nah, probably just a weird cut on a normal one.” Bite, bite, lick, lick: ice creamy and actual chunks of strawberries, delicious. Then, Christmas tree. Worth it.

Why buy a working version of something when I can spend the same amount to get 10 used ones? I finally go through all but 1 of the large pile of kites I bought cheap in SF. In all fairness, the really fucked up one is from me crashing iit nto a pile of cement + rebar at Sherman Island. Current inventory: 4 broke, 5 good, 1 unknown, and 1 practice. Just good enough yield to keep me buying the garbage;)

Shooting a bit, new fish continues to make me absurdly happy. I shot this guy as it got too dark to fish <100 feet from shore near the boat ramp by Playa Central. I thought it was a barracuda based on scary teeth, but Antonio informs me that it’s a small Sierra. Whatever it it, it’s delicious as sashimi and ceviche. Which I learn how to make: fish + lime + onions + whatever else. We have a good half of this guy left over; he’ll go into my continued jerky-making experiments.

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