progress, break

Here, have a view from the uppermost bondtainer deck.

Most of the things got done this week:

  1. ✅ Finish opening bank account
  2. ✅ Fence done and paid for
  3. ✅ Solid cat couch launch date
  4. ✅ Fix solar panels (seems only 1 of 2 parallel strings are producing): doubled BOOM
  5. ✅ get containers delivered + stacked!: I love them
  6. ✅ load everything valuable that’s outside into containers and lock
  7. ~: inventory across things: Alexander, containers, trailer, bins
  8. ✅ clean trailer
  9. ❌ paint trailer: not really sure why I decided this would be a priority…
  10. ✅ mount cameras and working, redundant coverage of all entrances to containers + trailer with streaming + local storage: 5!
  11. ✅ run 12 miles across 3 runs
  12. ✅ 7-minute workout at least 4 times, with at least one of these being first thing in morning: 5 in a row, with 1 before noon:)
  13. ~: catch some big fish and turn them into jerky:): not giant but they’ll do…
  14. ✅ prep for euro trip to visit my Moana woohoo! pack + covid reqs.

And now this week + next a break to visit my Moana! More… in awhile:)

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