a plan plan

What am I going to do with this place?

Initial idea is to make this a ~2-year project, based on my historic attention span and Moana’s Master’s program. Coming in, I was most excited about creating what I’ve been looking for: a fancy trailer park, somewhere for homes on wheels that’s:

  • Legal: don’t want to deal with zoning issues (again)
  • Community: some shared spaces/equipment with other interesting people in adjacent spots
  • Liquid: resellable as individual spots to others (helps trick me and other buyers into thinking of this as an investment vs. indulgence)
  • Turnkey rentable: push button and someone else runs as an airbnb while you’re gone
  • Beautiful: somewhere with lots of nature that’s world-class for activities I love
  • Usable: fast internet, not *too* remote

Nobody seems to have built a place like this. Closest are Pacaso (better timeshare, 1/8 ownership of an LLC per property) and Outsite (no ownership); neither are very close.

I’m confident I can build something around this quality that I can happily sell at ~$50k per spot + $2.5k per year.

My hesitation is that almost all “tiny homes” I actually see people traveling with are basically the opposite of Tumbleweed design porn. Like our “toy hauler,” they’re unsightly chunks of fiberglass, hideous 70s remnants inside and out.

Maybe hide them, and Sea-Ranch-but-dirtbag design rules with berms and swales to make all sites hide neighboring warthomes while also having views of the ocean and mountains…

or, what I’m finding more and more exciting: a variety of “tiny” homes, like a “test drive” for tiny home living. If people like one, they can buy it, maybe even with the site. Some portable, some permanent. The model’s flexible for rental or sales (maybe, within a range).

I’m probably (almost definitely) overindexing to my own experience and curiousity. And the German couple at hostel en route to U.S. mainly to explore tiny homes.

But, fuck it: I’m on my 2nd tamarind mezcalita (by far the best drink I’ve had in Baja)… we’ll call this the plan, at least for tonight;)

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