pumping solar

Whole lotta manual labor today: unloading bricks and shuffling panels. This is what 100 cinder blocks artfully tossed from Alexander look like.

I’ve been running on 6 panels, and I’ve brought 36. The remaining 28 (-6 on roof + 2 on truck) need stored better than leaning on trailer, so to the “cut into bits” container they go. 6 atop and a paracord + 12-gauge wire wires powerline double my solar as the sun sets.

What to do about the poo? Initially I dug a small hole per time, later upgrading to a luxurious 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat mounted atop. Lacking sawdust for straight humanure style, I sub shredded cardboard. All fine, but the bucket’s now full.

This lucky tree gets a fertilizer boost. I bet it’ll be doing visibly better than its brethren a year from now.

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