palapas importantes

Apparently I’m not the only one upset by palapas destroyers. Maribel forwards me this:

Google translates to:

October 26, 2021
Faced with the false opinions, assumptions and defamations of which we are being subjected, it is pertinent to inform with pleasure and pride, the following:

  1. TATEHUARI is a proudly Mexican, South Californian company that seeks to promote to sports activities, health, well-being and respect for the environment; always around family and conscience.
  2. Our company rented to the owners and with the knowledge of the Ejido, a part of land of private property that adjoins the Federal Zone of Hot Water to create a center sports and cultural public access, so that the entire community is and will always be welcome, clarifying that all constructions are carried out on the property property
  3. We clarify that the beach is FEDERAL PUBLIC PROPERTY of all of us as Mexicans and will always continue to do so, guaranteeing their free public access; so no we will allow the disinformation of groups that come to set up their camps leaving only garbage, which at the moment is a great problem in the area, in addition to the ecological damage and no real benefit to our community; since there are places specifically for this created by the ejido for these purposes which provide them with resources and sustenance for them and the
    yours, what we should NOT allow as a community is pollution, mismanagement of waste and the great environmental damage that is currently being generated.
  4. The TATEHUARI project is made with the heart and environmental awareness; always following ecological processes in construction, residual and energy matters; having processed all the necessary permits and authorizations for this purpose, implementing biodigester systems for the treatment and reuse of water; solar energy; recycling of structures containers; that are easy to remove by the time our lease ends, leave this beautiful the best place we found it.
  5. The sports center will have facilities for mountain biking; Skateboard;
    Kite; Climbing Wall; Kayak; art exhibition, ecology and recycling workshops among others; already we are working with the community so that legal, inclusive and permanent jobs stay in our community; we want to be an example of sustainable tourism development in view of all, transparent from the beginning.
  6. The palapas that were founded in the Federal Zone were installed by a
    group of foreigners; for which the same owners of said palapas and the Ejido, the who agreed to relocate outside the federal zone.
  7. Our company categorically denies the wave of misinformation made by various people on social networks, some of whom, because their particular interests have been affected, have generated this campaign of disqualification and defamation; which of course will be enforced before the competent authorities.
  8. As members of the community we are very proud and motivated of this great project and we will be giving you more information about it shortly; we also invite you cordially to join the civil organizations to which we belong that are promoting the sustainable development of the region within which is the creation worthy and inclusive beaches for all, being at your service for any questions relevant at the address

Muy interesante. Excited to see what my lawyer thinks of this;)

The pros are cranking on the foundation. Betin and team will have it done Thursday, and it is *beefy*. Bondtainer still seems impossible, but this cement and rebar work at least looks like it stands a fighting chance at keeping the 40 floating. Weird to pay others to do manual labor. Even weirder to have high quality fast work cost what I consider to be not much. Weirdest to be starting to get comfortable with this.

But certainly not outsourcing all my physical labor. Battery #2 has even cleaner wiring. Still took longer than I’d like, but < 28 hours elapsing start to finish ain’t too shabby. And I haven’t been exactly cranking on it 24/7…

Fruitless late dive (too close to earlier sunset), then visitors! AJ and Summer flew direct from Austin. Nice to share one of my favorite places with new friends, although seeing a happy couple does make me miss my Moana more… but not for long: ~2 weeks until I stop calling and start visiting London!

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