paz con la paz

Wrong again on how long it’ll take me for a La Paz trip: it’s never likely to be the couple hours round-trip that I imagine. I should give up on weekly couple hours and call it a day shooting for every 2 weeks.

The future is the past some places: neither I or my Moana have succeeded at opening bank accounts in our new locales. Mine might actually be faster: Intercam is apparently the only bank here with with you can open an account without a residence card or Mexican passport. Friendly teller informs me he’ll just need a U.S. passport, visa, and utility bill with my address here on it. Considering I don’t have an address or utilities other than wireless internet without a fixed location, this is problematic. Kafka-esque, ending at “send me a Telmex utility bill with any Baja address and any name on it + a picture of the house there. Also, send me a U.S. utility bill with your name and address on it.”

I ask Maribel if she has one I can use, but no dice: lives too far out to have an address and also runs on solar + tanked water.

Oh, the impetus for getting a bank account is a pretty compelling one. There are 2 ATMs in town, and even without my help they regularly run out of money. Also, their withdrawal limit per ransaction is <= 8k pesos. Paying for half of the fence means I’m standing ther 20 minutes, 3+ withdrawals until I hit my $1k daily limit on Schwab (only card I have that reimburses ATM fees) then coming back daily. At over $10k, the containers take this from stupid to absurd. Definition of a first world in the second world problem right here…

But! Trip totally worth it. I get a replacement slip tip for lost half of one from big gun and another that’ll work with my Riffe after slight mods. They’re ~$100 each, so I better get some tasty big fishes before losing these. And, I have a real good excuse to learn how to use my metal lathe next time I’m in Oakland! Or a slim reason for bringing it down here…

Sad sunset run development. The run is fine; I’m slow but whatever. Not great is seeing Aguas Termales development tearing out the palapas. I’ll pay my lawyer here to figure out if this is legal, and I’m tempted to pay her to (legally) fuck with them. New chapter of adventure opens:)

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