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First and foremost: look at this dude from the jetski manual. His wet suit pants contain the rotational arrow magic, and the wetsuit has a sneaky ‘hairy legs’ pattern.

Lotsa sand was up in here, and a rope tangled around what I guess is the driveshaft. Pretty sure the rope came as a bonus when i bought it…

Made roughly 1:20 scale model of bondtainer. It looks kinda impossible, but that’ll be part of the fun… unless it really isn’t.

Here’s rough plan on placement. Squares are potential 2k sqft private plots, and zigzags could be small roads/trails.

And this is where the 20′ containers’ corners would be with this plan.

Progress at doing things this week:

  1. ❌ Jetski to island:
  2. ✅ Solar + batteries to where they last all night(!)
  3. ❌ Work on coop
  4. ❌ Cat couch launch date(!)
  5. ✅ Order containers
  6. ✅ Order foundation piers
  7. ✅ Delta land under contract: not under contract, but I get it anyways because did what i could:)
  8. ✅ Decide if doing delta land: decided for me by someone else swooping in!
  9. ✅ Run 12+ miles total across 3 runs
  10. ❌ 7-minute workout 5 days+
  11. ✅Catch up on writing + publishing these dailies!

7/11. Not the worst. And, actually pretty nuclear for the goals!

Things I’m gonna try to do this coming week:

  1. jetski to island
  2. work on coop
  3. cat couch launch date
  4. clean trailer
  5. organize trailer
  6. run 12 miles across 3 runs
  7. 7-minute workout 3 times
  8. meditate 5 minutes each day
  9. bondtainer foundation done & paid for
  10. fence done & paid for
  11. open a bank account
  12. mount cameras outside trailer

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