muchas baterias y un pez

Battery setup takes most of day and results in very trashy workplace. But, I think it’s gonna be sweet! Each ~700Wh pack seems to have only 1 bad 6-cell series (out of 96 cells); my friend Adam says it’s been just 1 cell on packs he’s broken down, too. Yes this is a lot of work to make something I can buy, but it’s learning I want to perform, relevant to potential future products / post-apocalypses, and satisfying to power our home from one step better than e-waste. And, the work stays just enough spark-prone to remain exciting! 

machete aka Pacific ladyfish / Pacific tenpounder (Elops affinis). dope carbon fins for scale;)

Second day in a row fish near sunset and catch at least a dinner’s worth of fish. I need to figure out a good fish jerky recipe to keep from wasting my prey.

Power out couple hours after sunset; it’s whatever. Honestly, kind of used to it already. Stepping off electronic treadmill for a minute? e-hedonic?

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