review, spear

Let’s review past week’s goals: 

  1. ✅ move onto land: woohoo!
  2. ✅❌~✅~ get motorcycle and bike and solar and internet and water working: ~s because solar doesn’t last through the night and water’s just jugs
  3. ❌ order containers: need to try getting from someone else
  4. ~ verify structural engineering for containers: upwork dude sucked (40′ will magically collapse in spite of being supported just like it is when forklifted from the side full of cargo lol)
  5. ❌ order piers: either just trust local guy to figure out or do homework or find an engineer here. Regardless, I should definitely design this so that i can easily re-level the container as the foundation settles.
  6. ✅ pay lawyer
  7. ✅ get to or close on launching cat couch: close!
  8. ✅ try uniswap: pancakeswap, but whatevs
  9. ❌ kite: didn’t even sort pile of them i brought!
  10. ❌ jetski to island
  11. ✅ drink little or no alcohol: none. I feel… fine. Less social, but a bit better mornings maybe?

Overall: I’m happy (no surprise there), overall and with progress.

Goals should be *way* more nuclear: “moto + bike + solar + internet + water” is 5 minimum but way better as 10+.

Maybe try estimating time for some of these? Big unanticipated time spends: delta opportunity: 5-10 hours, bitchy batteries: 15? 20?, la paz alexander brake-down: half day.

This week, I will: 

  1. Jetski to island
  2. Solar + batteries to where they last all night(!)
  3. Work on coop
  4. Cat couch launch date(!)
  5. Order containers
  6. Order foundation piers
  7. Delta land under contract
  8. 8Decide if doing delta land
  9. Run 12+ miles total across 3 runs
  10. 7-minute workout 5 days+
  11. Catch up on writing + publishing these dailies!

Here’s a picture of me about to motorcycle to try and spear dinner.

And here is dinner. The internet says it’s a green jack, and I say it’s delicious blackened as fish tacos.

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