TIL: in Mexico, you have to assemble your own batteries. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but pouring sulfuric acid in from a separate container is more DIY than even I would like. Add in several waiting periods (for acid to drain in, after acid is added, charging, and after charging) = several hours until this lead and sulfur block is producing 12 volts.

Well worth it: the dirtbike kate insisted on bringing is by far the best vehicle for these ‘roads’ that i’ve driven. It thinks speed bumps are cute, nothing more worth slowing for than a bug on the windshield. I’m grinning ear to ear, asking myself aloud “are you kidding me?” First analogous experience that comes to mind is the first time i tried ecstasy. OK, maybe the dirtbike wasn’t *quite* as good;)

These battery friends continue to be… challenging. I spark several times, nicking the wrapper while cutting a plate connected to + on the same battery (the chassis is -). this keeps me on my toes. Grr: resultant pack only gets me a few hours. It’s relatively small and wasn’t fully charged, so solar-battery saga to be continued tomorrow!

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