A little more than a bit hungover; definitely want to reduce/eliminate this drinking… seems like a good opportunity, starting tomorrow! Sad i don’t get to see Kate for a long time as i talk to my Moana… but googling after we talk I find out direct travel between mexico and u.k. has reopened! Woohoo!  Relaxing day… Continue reading todos


Progress excavating! ~1/3 done. I don’t know how long this would have taken in the U.S. because I’ve never had the patience to wait and find out. Craig and I drive to Todos Santos. Sad family call on 2nd anniversary of Daddy dying; try to lighten it up by telling about friend who died getting… Continue reading clearing


Found containers! Facebook marketplace way bigger than Craigslist here. ~$10k delivered with a crane that can stack them (I plan to build a bond-villian-worthy lair with a 40′ container atop a 20′, centered, no supports on ends). Cuco will start excavation tomorrow finishing Tuesday latest, creating a 14mx126m access road and clearing ~63mx40m of my 10,000m2… Continue reading contenedores

here fishy

Weirdly enough, there are several container homes in La Ventana. I tour the nicest one that’s finished, and it’s thoroughly meh. Best: spiral staircase. Worst: not sufficiently insulated (interior walls warm to touch), weird extra windows, and patio doors on second floor that open to nowhere). Meh. We spearfish. And I catch! Nice big roosterfish.… Continue reading here fishy

getting to it

HOT. And nice, far beyond the sunrise. Trailer almost onto land: out of street and nearby. Truck got real sandy there for a second;) Found corners of my lot; this is big and green! Walked with Maribel and her uncle, a fisherman who got this plot in the 2008 land lottery (unallotted land is assigned… Continue reading getting to it


We arrive! Not a short drive to La Paz then quick from there to La Ventana. I park on main road’s side by turnoff to my friend Salim’s La Ventana Hostel. We made it! I’m so over driving!!


scuba! good, not breathtaking. cool that it’s craig’s first time. first full day no driving; woohoo! relax.

A Loreto

Craig smartly pushes me to get a spare; nowhere has it. i insist on trying one junkyard; boom: the only tire of our trailer size to be had in town. We roll with an extra wheel.  And we make it to Loreto! Cops are pissed at me parking ginormous truck trailer combo sticking into street. They… Continue reading A Loreto


Not 1 but 2 flats! Must have been some big debris or something, both on right side of trailer. Change to spare then realize second leaking, pull ~staple from it. Villa Alberto Andres Alvarado Aramburo, the meth truck stop with as many names as people not looking shady. Although gas station tire repair attempt hang… Continue reading pssst


Was legit dumb to stay up drinking catching u to ~3:30 last night. Fortunately, loading solar onto the roof was easier than anticipated (I’d left 26 panels + microinverters at the house in Bombay Beach I started adverse possession on). Scrap wood holding them onto roof is so ridiculous that it just might work. An… Continue reading Oof