proposed adventure kit

  • shovel
  • 2 rolls toilet paper
  • 20L drinking water
  • 5 gallons gas + can
  • jump starter
  • jumper cables
  • flares? or something else to show you’ve broken down ahead
  • satellite emergency locator thing (if hardcore)
  • $250+ worth of local currency
  • $200+ USD
  • protein bars
  • stove, with fuel for it
  • coffee (instant iff can tolerate)
  • shade cloth
  • 1 week any meds
  • spare tire
  • tire patch kit
  • way to inflate said tires
  • tow chain

I’m sure there’s more to add, but the above would prevent most of the stress/risk for most of the emergencies we’ve had… and some we haven’t:)

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