Today was very rough, due to a series of entirely-preventable fuckups. Not bringing any pesos. Having insufficient gas. Too much time in sun. So bush league that we’re even getting close to running out of water!

And then we get stuck in the sand. On a remote beach. Deep.

I totally lose my cool, and I’m lucky to have my patient, loving, kind, amazing Moana in my life. As she predicted, everything ends up fine. We get a random fix-it guy to pull us out with his excavator that happens to live 1 block away, find Candy Guier’s weirdly beautiful hidden oasis of a hotel with Candy herself letting us venmo her pesos for dollars to pay said fix-it guy, Alexander’s new screech resolves itself without any important-looking chunks having been noticeably ejected onto the road, and we somehow have enough gas to make it back to Cabo Pulmo. Thanks to Candy, enough pesos in hand for a late dinner + drinks!

As usual (probably always?), my anger/frustration was not at all helpful, didn’t feel good, and was a total preventable waste. I should appreciate my Moana even more, and I learn quite a bit from her cool-headed example:) Definitely smart to have booked somewhere that should be decent and relaxing for us to stay next 2 nights. If she’s not happy with it, change! Also, who knows? Maybe we’ll fall in love with San Jose del Cabo. Probably not, but I suppose weirder things have happened?

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