stick bug

Mainly writing + trailer diagnostics today. Check out this new friend! La Ventana isn’t lacking in fauna extra├▒era…

poder de palapas

I think I might have had too much caffeine this morning: Alexander’s rolling fast and we hit 2 turkey vultures on the 20-mile drive to fish by the abandoned hotel. Hit as in they flew in front of Alexander and ended up very dead. Only other bird I know of hitting was a pigeon that… Continue reading poder de palapas

greedy good trouble

TLDR: we’re going to save the world by shorting companies, paying people crypto to protest, and using the profit to dismantle the worst polluters. It’s so stupid it just might work. Relaxing day, so I’ll write about *the* idea I can’t get out of my head. Hopefully someone else will make it so I don’t… Continue reading greedy good trouble

palapas importantes

Apparently I’m not the only one upset by palapas destroyers. Maribel forwards me this: Google translates to: October 26, 2021DEAR SERGEANT AND WINDOW COMMUNITY:Faced with the false opinions, assumptions and defamations of which we are being subjected, it is pertinent to inform with pleasure and pride, the following: TATEHUARI is a proudly Mexican, South Californian… Continue reading palapas importantes

paz con la paz

Wrong again on how long it’ll take me for a La Paz trip: it’s never likely to be the couple hours round-trip that I imagine. I should give up on weekly couple hours and call it a day shooting for every 2 weeks. The future is the past some places: neither I or my Moana… Continue reading paz con la paz

more plans

First and foremost: look at this dude from the jetski manual. His wet suit pants contain the rotational arrow magic, and the wetsuit has a sneaky ‘hairy legs’ pattern. Lotsa sand was up in here, and a rope tangled around what I guess is the driveshaft. Pretty sure the rope came as a bonus when… Continue reading more plans

jetted attempted

With lots of help from a fisherman who felt sorry for me after watching a half hour of failed attempts, I finally back my truck + jetski trailer down the boat ramp. Actually, random fisheman did it for me; I “assisted” by saying “izquierda” or “derecha”when he started to swerve toward the ramp’s edges. Not… Continue reading jetted attempted

plans for container plans

Caught up on these journals! Probably means nothing to you, dear 1-2 readers, but I was materially behind. Behind as in didn’t decide I’d do these until a week in and then took another week to get around to it. Now, I have plenty of extra time to totally abandon the habit. Big decision on… Continue reading plans for container plans


Up before 7 for a return to Punta Gorda, the spot where Ispeared my biggest fish so far this trip. Antonio, my friend who runs Salim’s hostel and might like spearfishing as much as me, has the bright idea to swim rather than walk the last ~2 miles. He hangs back with a cute hostel… Continue reading asustado

luna loca

I awake ~5am to an alarm. Not some masochistic wake-up for fishing, but my treasured batteries are too drained and trigger the inverter’s low battery alarm. Sigh. (mild) Narcolepsy superpowers come in handy: I’m back out real quick. It’s a great condition, except for when it’s *really* not. But for a few bolts, solar is… Continue reading luna loca