My Moana found a crazy special for Acre, so for $200 we get to stay in a treehouse room and also get $200 credit at a tasty restaurant. You know what’s better than good, fancy food? A great deal on good, fancy food:)

Of course, we could make a better treehouse. Some design notes. They’re doing no a.c., and they’re cosmo’s #3 sexiest hotel in the world. So, we can get away with it for our bondtainer. Maybe bedroom window units for the casita? The villas for sale look pretty dope; advertised as rammed earth, it seems like they’re blending in a very liberal amount of cement. Food very good, not as great as neighboring Flora Farms. One of the 3 cocktails we get is great: a charcoal-looking infusion atop mostly mescal and an ice stick with lavender inside. I bet freezing the plant is as effective as muddling at getting its deliciousness all loosened up to infuse. Guess we’ll have to experiment, but slowly: this drinking a few rather than almost every day of the week feels pretty O.K. Don’t get me wrong: alcohol makes me feel pretty great. Just maybe not in a way that I need every day. Given family history, reliance on drinks is certainly something I should stay healthily paranoid about. Paranoid but not obsessed; that cocktail was dee-licious!

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