lonely (productive?)

My Moana took off today:( Some bullshit about being an amazing artist and needing to make some art;) I’m sad, but maybe I’ll be extra productive? Or at least try?

Let’s set some goals for the week:

  1. source and order at least one pool (ibc or better; ideally 2-4)
  2. get quotes for new and used pallet racking, ordering 1
  3. model pallet garage in CAD
  4. model 2 casita options in CAD
  5. get contractor time and cost casita quote
  6. get concrete deck answer(s)
  7. finish concrete class
  8. process all existing fish: jerky, eaten, or frozen:)
  9. list 2 jetskis and proud mary for sale
  10. register truck and trailer in south dakota (or at least try)
  11. change insurance
  12. finish first programming class
  13. 0 drinks
  14. start master’s application and talk to an admissions person
  15. fix bike
  16. fuel and start: jetskis x 3, motorcycles x 2, and generator
  17. spec and order any metal needed for spiral staircase
  18. cut staircase hole
  19. reinforce + pop 40′ roof
  20. paint 40′ roof (outside)

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