Lotsa Water

We leave for island ~7:30am, back after 2:30. Slight break for ceviche plus call it half an hour transport each way translates to 5+ hours spearfishing. I continue to love it. No record-setting fish for any of us, but I learn a new and obvious-in-retrospect technique: hunting under shelves. Big-eyed fish that I think are… Continue reading Lotsa Water

RV Appliance Strategy

Propane 12V blah blah blah is almost never worth it. Here’s an example with the fridge in our RV, swapped out today. Existing fridge: Dometic something 12v + 120v + propane. When I turn it on, it drains my batteries overnight even with 9kWh storage and 2kW solar. I suspect it’s just heating the condensor(?)… Continue reading RV Appliance Strategy

Little Things

Sometimes, tiny construction hacks are the most satisfying. We had no running water in the fifth wheel (officially christened Ballena Blanca by Moana). Boiled down to one leaking valve on the plumbing system, and replacing this required getting a new 1/2″ PEX valve (or some combination equivalent). 3+ hardware stores here yielded 0 PEX things,… Continue reading Little Things

Kite Burrito

The day was spent in La Paz, worshipping at the church of Wal-Mart. We are officially over the sushi there. Here’s a kiteboarding burrito with one leg outside of Benson’s. Their bacon-wrapped burritos join mescagne (mescal + champage) on my list of things that seem good at the time but are actually horrible ideas upon… Continue reading Kite Burrito


Finally got drone working, after the most complicated replacement of one cable I’ve seen. This is basically what we do all day: Moana dances, I play with toys:) Here are some of my other favorite shots:

A surreality of kites

Seriously: how are there this many kites? It looks crowded in the picture, but it’s pretty spacious when you’re out there. Or at least that’s what I remember from previous experiences: new-to-me 12m kite needs different length ropes for the bar, or something? At any rate, we try to launch twice before getting thoroughly scolded… Continue reading A surreality of kites


Look at this sunrise!! And look at these 3 new cement “risers!” Fireman’s pole on one end and stripper poles on the other, bondtainer isn’t going anywhere. With these added, we could probably remove the 4 cement piers beneath the 20′ and be fine… probably;)


Pros: in paradise with my Moana. One of the jetskis works. Cons: injure Kate while jetskis + trailer get tossed around in the waves. Bystanders offer advice, and I’m short with my favorite a person. Overall, a multi-hour shitshow with most of the time spent removing jetskis while cracking some of the front jetski panels… Continue reading +/-


Back from the Pacific Northwest to an additional hour+ of daylight and what feels like more sunlight per day than Seattle gets in a month. Most excitingly, with my Moana! Here’s her atop the bondtainers. And, here’s the ladder we used to get to the top. It’s windy enough that the janky-ass aluminum ladder blew… Continue reading Back