Between feeling like i’m doing a lot and nothing at all. I guess both kind of true. Am I making some positive progress towards worthwhile goals? Yes, definitely. Is it as much as fast as I would like ? Pretty much never. One of the useful things about some amount of reference group / tracking… Continue reading tension


I’m learning about the sociopolitical world of Baja through this theft! Next step in reporting the crime is to go to La Paz’s Ministerio Publico and, after asking for an official translator, file an official complaint. Posting to the kiteboarding group and some detective work (aka typing a name into google) yield the name, phone… Continue reading procedimientos


At breakfast at Nomada, reminders. The importance of planning utility runs so you don’t wind up with a PVC wart. Also, what a nice bar! Both the bricks and the unsupported top. I want our bondtainers’ deck (ground level) to be like this. Should probably post to upwork or something to get clear answers on… Continue reading recuerda


We arrive back! I saw my Oculus Quest headset post to my facebook account about some game; unless it achieved sentience while we were away, I suspected someone had broken into our trailer and stolen it. Wasn’t comforting to notice my security cameras were offline… but, I had dude putting in slab check on it;… Continue reading regresamos

All-Road Bike

I just finished The All-Road Bike Revolution, and it blew my mind. I know *a lot* about bikes, and I still have so much to learn! My key takeaways, with page numbers: 13: tires 38-55mm30: ‘reducing a cyclist’s frontal area is the best way to reduce their aerodynamic resistance’31: lowering stem 20mm decreases wind resistance… Continue reading All-Road Bike

Another Break

photo by Adam Iseman

This visit flew by. Feels mostly like nothing accomplished… But! Did get to introduce La Ventana to my buddy Eric and my brother Biggie. Also, my Moana is now scuba certified. And, I spent many hours spearing minimal fish (but, I did hit 2 tiny ones with one shot!). Got a strong reminder I can… Continue reading Another Break

Packed & Dined

Things shut down and locked up right quick. We’re getting better at this; help from Adam moving the jetskis and Moana owning kitchen cleaning certainly didn’t hurt. I only get mild heat brain, at most;) Flora Farms is our favorite restaurant we’ve found in Baja. Pro tip: you don’t need a reservation. I hope I… Continue reading Packed & Dined

Planning Slabbing

How cool would it be to return from a month away and have 2 level, strong, easy-to-clear-goats-head-thorns-from cement slabs ready for me to build upon?Hopefully $20k of cool, as this is roughly what it’s gonna cost. 1 at 30’x40′ vaguely planned as a quonset hut or some such similar garage, and another 30’x30′ casita +… Continue reading Planning Slabbing

Biggie Kites

Adam makes *a lot* of progress with one days’ lessons. I should probably get OK with both my brothers being better at kiteboarding and spearfishing than me after 1/10th the hours spent on them. Sisters too, hopefully!:)