will be cool to come back late this year to a mostly-finished casita, a container stack overdue for improvement, and (hopefully) far better fishing!

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  1. Hi Luke!

    You might’ve noticed the view count tick up by one this past month. I’m a weird musical, burner, cave specialist, explorer, traveler, wanderer type who grew up in Austin. During the brief week of 13 Feb 2023, my mom & I will be flying into Cabo, we’ll be driving around checking out stuff including La Paz, the mountains, the Sea of Cortez and stuff.
    Trolling around on Maps I found a curious thing labeled “Refugee Camp”, which led me here. I since discovered many interesting things about you & your projects, and thought it’d be cool to just show up at that marker on Maps, meet you and offer to contribute in any way I could! As crazy & adventurous as that sounds, on second thought I decided it was better to write you first.
    If you think you’ll be around then, I’d love to visit, make a new friend, and offer a hand in any work or project you have going on. I don’t want anything except to meet a unique person, see a cool project, contribute to something interesting, and learn a bit. If you’re not up for it or too busy or gone, that’s fine too. Please write back either way. I enjoyed reading your blog and watching your videos :J

    ~ Dylan

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