Kate and I cut big holes in the 40′: 4 at 3’x8′ each.

Moana admiring the view from her work while I admire her:)

This janky setup worked like a charm, only flipping its breaker once:

  • ~12kw generator (newly arrived from Amazon via Postall, with a nifty remote start/stop keyfob)
  • 45A plasma cutter (left over from 3+ startups ago)
  • Dope air compressor (pulled from Alexander)
  • DIY spiderbox (toolbox with a bunch of 230V and 120V outlets wired together, foam filled because safety)

Biggest problem? I drop the economy air hose from atop the container, causing the end to fall off and the pressurized hose to spin around like a lovechild of the inflatable signage guy and a snake. Fortunately, this was right after I finished my last cut!

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