Was legit dumb to stay up drinking catching u to ~3:30 last night. Fortunately, loading solar onto the roof was easier than anticipated (I’d left 26 panels + microinverters at the house in Bombay Beach I started adverse possession on).

Scrap wood holding them onto roof is so ridiculous that it just might work.

photo by Craig Cannon

An appropriate last meal for America: Burrito Factory’s child-sized burrito.

Thanks, smart guy at El Centro Autozone: your idea of simply cutting the punctured hose shorter works perfectly.

The border crossing is not so perfect. After extensive spanglish explanation that these are solar panels not windows and arguing that they’re to power the RV not place on a house and that I couldn’t possibly hook them up until I’ve established a campsite, I give up and pay $500 as a tariff for importing them. Considering they cost ~$.22 per watt vs. ~$1 per in Baja Sur + that I have 8kw of them, it’s not the worst deal. What convinces me to do it (other than being tired of trying and failing at negotiating) is a magic slip they include: I can supposedly now bring a stack of solar panels back and forth across the border ~indefinitely. Allegedly.

Another couple hours and we make it, again very late, to San Felipe.

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