Lotsa Water

We leave for island ~7:30am, back after 2:30. Slight break for ceviche plus call it half an hour transport each way translates to 5+ hours spearfishing.

I continue to love it. No record-setting fish for any of us, but I learn a new and obvious-in-retrospect technique: hunting under shelves. Big-eyed fish that I think are some kind of snapper congregate there, with most deciding they’re invisible even if you get real close. And, many stick around even after you shoot one of their friends.

I only contemplate but Moana almost experiences the downside of this strategy: eels like the same locations, and they often want to play with you. Read the Wikipedia; you’ll probably learn something new. I did, including: “Reef-associated roving coral groupers (Plectropomus pessuliferus) have been observed to recruit giant morays to help them hunt. The invitation to hunt is initiated by head-shaking. This style of hunting may allow morays to flush prey from niches not accessible to groupers.”

Eels didn’t cooperate with seals to hunt my Moana, but 2 did come out to try and play. This meant time for a new shelf: the smily wavy folks can maintain their local apex predator status without us interfering too closely.

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