Trimmed some fat: doorways through the 20′, making the bondtainer look even more unreasonable. More + better pictures (and probably more holes) tomorrow. Sawzalls + grinders, I ate some but not all the blades; plasma cutter + big air compressor looking like they will be nice to have but not need to have for the foreseeable future. I’m so fucking proud of myself:)

Another day, another broken kite: my just-repaired 12m rips from hitting the water. Pretty sure I need to start thinking of the kites as consumable, good up to only a few years of UV exposure before they start falling apart randomly.

Look at all these people being smart enough to have functional kites:)

And, I buy/trade for 2 jetskis + a hilarious half-of-an-ATV motorcycle. The trade is my Moana’s long-idle Sprinter project, and the buy is $6500 of crypto. These look in good shape and I trust the friend of a friend I’m buying them from; fingers crosses, these will actually move when I put them in the water!

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