progress (-jet)

Maybe don’t buy used versions of things at steep discounts without knowing enough about that type of thing to discover the reasons behind the price. Another jetski attempt; another failure. Much to my surprise, I get it into the water without help from anything more animate than some ropes. No photos, as I was running/swimming trying to avoid things crashing into rocks/swimmers. Best guess: maybe bit of damage to impeller it seems to have come with isn’t OK? Should have taken today’s helpful fisherman up on his offer to give me a local jetski-competent mechanic’s number…

My halloween “costume” is literally what i was wearing spearfishing. Just kept it on to go to Baja Joe’s and got several compliments from the senior citizens attending the halloween party. Children composed the rest of attendees and were thoroughly unimpressed.

Goals this week check:

  1. ❌ jetski to island: grr
  2. ~: work on coop: a bit. If nothing else, made friends:)
  3. ~: cat couch launch date: target, but not hard…
  4. ❌ clean trailer: dragging my feet on this. Progress but still a mess
  5. ❌ organize trailer: same as above.
  6. ✅ run 12 miles across 3 runs: skipped Wednesday but made up for it Saturday
  7. ✅ 7-minute workout 3 times
  8. ✅ meditate 5 minutes each day: this feels good and I should probably consider increasing to 10 either one session or across 2 or try both.
  9. ✅ bondtainer foundation done & paid for
  10. ❌ fence done & paid for: Beny is done with 3 sides and dragging his feet on the final one.
  11. ~: open a bank account: should be finished in a day or 2, just in time for pesos to pay container delivery company.
  12. ❌mount cameras outside trailer

4 ✅ , 3 ~, 5 ❌. Meh.

Upcoming 11/1 – 11/7:

  1. Finish opening bank account
  2. Fence done and paid for
  3. Solid cat couch launch date
  4. Fix solar panels (seems only 1 of 2 parallel strings are producing)
  5. get containers delivered + stacked!
  6. load everything valuable that’s outside into containers and lock
  7. inventory across things: Alexander, containers, trailer, bins
  8. clean trailer
  9. paint trailer
  10. mount cameras and working, redundant coverage of all entrances to containers + trailer with streaming + local storage
  11. run 12 miles across 3 runs
  12. 7-minute workout at least 4 times, with at least one of these being first thing in morning
  13. catch some big fish and turn them into jerky:)
  14. prep for euro trip to visit my Moana woohoo! pack + covid reqs.

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