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Craig to Cabo for his flight; was great to chill. Again sooner vs. later!

Then, I drive to church aka Home Depot in La Paz. Basically, most things but labor cost more here; frustrating. Todo look more at how people are already building! And, explore making with dirt:)

Back to the hostel. It’s frustrating trying to move trailer; todo get excavator guy to just move it for me at least most of way, being careful with solar. But, look at the friend I found!

0 fish:( more accurately, shot a big Trevally and he got off. Consider changing the angle on my Riffe speargun or getting a slip tip for it.

This past (2) weeks, I got here with *a lot* of toys and shared this oasis with one of my best friends! And located my land, saw it in-person, met seller, and started planning + gathering supplies. This week, I’ll:

  1. move onto land (!)
  2. get motorcycle and bike and solar and internet and water working
  3. order containers
  4. verify structural engineering for containers (what do i have to do to keep 20′ from collapsing under weight of 40′?)
  5. order piers
  6. pay lawyer
  7. get to or close on launching cat couch
  8. try uniswap
  9. kite
  10. jetski to island
  11. drink little or no alcohol.

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