Baja Catch

If it makes sense at 60k, it probably still makes sense at 80k. High ratio of talking about this without doing. Worst case is lose the $ and not have the land. Is this 20x less likely to happen than incremental 20 (x$5k) startup investments? Probably. It’s certainly a different, more exciting failure mode than other stuff;)

1 hectare = 2.47 ac = 107,639 ft^2. Maribel’s uncle’s *titled* listing is 40k for 1.5k m^2, with power and water nearby + what’s for most but not us a more desirable location. 1 ha = 10k m^2; this titled price translates to ~$266k/ha. So, if same spote, P ejido ~ 30% P titled.

Ignacio (Salim’s friend) has listings 140-160 pesos/m^2 ~ $69k-79k/ha. Worth paying an extra 10k for site we’ve seen and love (or at least next to this site) vs. going back searching more? YES!

So, plan: buy @ <= 80k, u.s. llc owning either fideocomiso or MX corp. Start by building (with help) Casa Caravan+: pool, sauna, cold plunge, hot tub, kitchens, composting toilets, water tank(s), solar, etc. Max 2 containers; maybe none. Make building such that can sell it with or without rest of land for double investment. Be ready to spend $120k+ on it (= double Casa Caravan). Get in-person input from Michael Collins before breaking ground, ideally by volunteering for him at some other site for 2+ weeks. Maybe just fly straight there after Moana leaves for U.K.? Either way, have something tent+ to stay in and construction started by end of year. *Another* backup could be that this is a rental property;) $220k = $220/night for 1k nights; not the worst deal for a 5/5 with 3 kitchens and a rooftop pool! Once at least broken ground, can start selling spots with access. Spots = 50 @ 1,000 sqft each; cost = 25k + 1k/year each. Or, start at 50k and drop iff needed? 25kx50=1.25M. 50kx50=2.5M=10x. Can do tiers and change over time, too…

Long, vague plan short:

  1. Buy land <= 50k
  2. Build MVP: solar, internet, composting toilet, and water tank
  3. Build Casa Caravan+
  4. Sell spots!

What could possibly go wrong??

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