Pros: in paradise with my Moana. One of the jetskis works. Cons: injure Kate while jetskis + trailer get tossed around in the waves. Bystanders offer advice, and I’m short with my favorite a person. Overall, a multi-hour shitshow with most of the time spent removing jetskis while cracking some of the front jetski panels… Continue reading +/-


Back from the Pacific Northwest to an additional hour+ of daylight and what feels like more sunlight per day than Seattle gets in a month. Most excitingly, with my Moana! Here’s her atop the bondtainers. And, here’s the ladder we used to get to the top. It’s windy enough that the janky-ass aluminum ladder blew… Continue reading Back


Here’s a brief summary of why my bondtainer is structurally sound, in the form of answers to a couple questions raised by smart people. Thanks in particular youngest brother🙂 Won’t the bottom container collapse where you’ve cut holes in it because of the weight of the 40′ container? This was my biggest concern. Applying Euler’s… Continue reading Safe


Or at least a plan for it. Given the flex, here’s the plan: Support door end of 40′ with a 2.5″ steel tube (.25″ walls) centered under the end. Support back end of 40′ with 2 x 1.75″ tubes (1/8″ walls) centered under the corner castings. Cement at the base of all 3, to same… Continue reading Support


Stomach weird and hand too swollen from coral encounter to fit in a work glove, so a whole lot of not much today. In contrast, look at these industrious ants taking over my fifth wheel:


For more than a few seconds, but not without dragging myself over some coral. And, I didn’t kill the kite! A 9.5m is a bit small for me, and I ended up ~2km south of where I started. In spite of my bleeding coral-raked hand, I feel pretty good!

cuttin holes

It really doesn’t seem worth insulating my newly-airy bondtainer. Maybe not windows, either: bug screens with magnets (/on sliders, shower-curtain-style?) + barn doors for during storms/security made from the metal I’ve cut off? This is the bounce after I jump up and down in one of the ends of the 40. Begrudgingly, I’ll add at… Continue reading cuttin holes

campesino blanco

A pickup I love, 2 dirtbikes, 3 jetskis, and a trailer: I think I’m officially a redneck. Look at this hilarious little guy! The wheels are ATV wheels. It feels like it wants to just drive down the beach all day every day. I love my bondtainer. It looks impossible. I’m exactly confident enough that… Continue reading campesino blanco


Trimmed some fat: doorways through the 20′, making the bondtainer look even more unreasonable. More + better pictures (and probably more holes) tomorrow. Sawzalls + grinders, I ate some but not all the blades; plasma cutter + big air compressor looking like they will be nice to have but not need to have for the… Continue reading overbuilt


Just another beautiful sunrise in paradise…