Kate and I cut big holes in the 40′: 4 at 3’x8′ each. Moana admiring the view from her work while I admire her:) This janky setup worked like a charm, only flipping its breaker once: ~12kw generator (newly arrived from Amazon via Postall, with a nifty remote start/stop keyfob) 45A plasma cutter (left over… Continue reading Holey

Looking Up

Much easier to get to the best view, with 1″ 11ga steel tubing ladders to top of 20′ and 40′ containers. Trick from Tim A. for getting rid of container roof dents and even creating an outward curve: jack up middle with a jack + steel tube. And, Kate made herself a pole-dancing stage!

Concrete Furniture

We took this course, and here’s my first project. Not resulting in a magic total knowledge of how to work with concrete, but certainly learning a lot. More hexapods!:)

Air Water

After overresearching DIY systems for atmospheric water generation, I’ve finally started using the simplest high-output thing I could find: Literally a normal dehumidifier. Maybe I’ll modify it later and probably I should take apart to see what kinds of plastics and metals are contacting the water, but for now we’ve got up to ~5 gallons… Continue reading Air Water

3D Printed Fish Stringer

I designed and printed the ‘slide through fish’ end of a replacement for my lost fish stringer in a day. Yes this is one of the simpler possible things to design and not a difficult print, but going from start of CAD to physical object in water within hours is still pretty amazing to me.… Continue reading 3D Printed Fish Stringer

Robust Supports Started

The welds aren’t pretty, but the (heavy) concrete-and-rebar filled steel tubes they attach will keep the 40′ aloft and stable. Since realizing the piers are so strong I could remove the 20′ container altogether, i’m very tempted to do so… And complex 3D print finished: a very very tiny printing press. Many parts, much failed… Continue reading Robust Supports Started