Planning meeting with a contractor today about some concrete pours. We’re creative and then reign it in. Initial idea: an asymmetrical hexagon, each side a different length. Soooo cool from above, right? Y’know, in case we fly over or something. Idea at end of talking to someone more competent: 3 attached rectangles, 2 of 28′… Continue reading slabs


Weather balloons with helium + some sulfur dioxide = pretty sure I just became first person to intentionally modify the stratosphere:)

slip tip “printed”

It worked… once. My mid-handle Riffe speargun is my favorite, even more than the one I built from a kit. However, the slip tip broke. I fixed it several times, but now it’s close to irreparable. For the spearos out there: ring over spear shaft retaining tip has cracked twice, tip consistently bends at thinnest… Continue reading slip tip “printed”

deliveries & jetskis

Most exciting discovery of the day: ~cheaper to pay someone to get mail from La Paz than to drive Alexander there and back! Huge: ~$16 after tip for pickup of ebike + 5 small boxes with delivery to Playa Central. Disconcertingly smooth launch and removal of smaller of 3 jetskis! Needed some starter fluid to… Continue reading deliveries & jetskis


Yesterday was a *workout*. I’ve been slacking on runs etc., but holding breath and regular hours of swimming are kicking my butt. Look at this sweeeet concrete pump. Probably cheap and would let us do cement walls on several casitas + whatever pools in ~a day. I think you do foundation as a separate pour… Continue reading sore/pumped

Island Fishing

Boat to Isla Cerralvo spearfishing good not great: cooler full of fish, nothing huge. By us at least: dudes on a different boat spearing near us got a massive seriously probably 3.5′ 60+# amberjack as well as some other giants including I think a garibaldi (CA state fish, illegal to shoot there but fair game… Continue reading Island Fishing

jetskis fixed

Upgraded winch and everything: Also, I’m good at spearfishing again: 5 decent green jacks. Good but not great: had something like a Sierra but a sufficiently shitty shot that it got away.

geoengineering now

A rant: Unless we modify the stratosphere, Earth will be uninhabitable for most people and many species by 2050. We need to start now, and we need to be *even more* cavalier than we’ve been with modifying the atmosphere. No centralized institution is going to move quickly enough to do this: it’s got to be… Continue reading geoengineering now

Back Spearing

We fly in to a perfectly-functional Alexander, dirty and ready to roll. I restrain myself from immediately spearfishing and instead teak oil my wood guns: Oh yeah, and the rest of the property is fine too. Biggest change is that the windsock fell down:) Morning fishing: Punta Gorda. Reminder to self: bring a kayak or… Continue reading Back Spearing