Another Break

photo by Adam Iseman

This visit flew by. Feels mostly like nothing accomplished… But! Did get to introduce La Ventana to my buddy Eric and my brother Biggie. Also, my Moana is now scuba certified. And, I spent many hours spearing minimal fish (but, I did hit 2 tiny ones with one shot!). Got a strong reminder I can… Continue reading Another Break

Packed & Dined

Things shut down and locked up right quick. We’re getting better at this; help from Adam moving the jetskis and Moana owning kitchen cleaning certainly didn’t hurt. I only get mild heat brain, at most;) Flora Farms is our favorite restaurant we’ve found in Baja. Pro tip: you don’t need a reservation. I hope I… Continue reading Packed & Dined

Planning Slabbing

How cool would it be to return from a month away and have 2 level, strong, easy-to-clear-goats-head-thorns-from cement slabs ready for me to build upon?Hopefully $20k of cool, as this is roughly what it’s gonna cost. 1 at 30’x40′ vaguely planned as a quonset hut or some such similar garage, and another 30’x30′ casita +… Continue reading Planning Slabbing

Biggie Kites

Adam makes *a lot* of progress with one days’ lessons. I should probably get OK with both my brothers being better at kiteboarding and spearfishing than me after 1/10th the hours spent on them. Sisters too, hopefully!:)

Jetski Summary

Time from dock to island party: ~3 hours. Time from island party to dock: 20 minutes. Adam hit 52 mph! Jetskis are great as long as the water is perfectly flat. Also the ocean is trying to kill you. Don’t think it is right now? You’re wrong: it’s just lulling you into a false sense… Continue reading Jetski Summary

Jetski “Party”

Island party was a bit too much, both the getting to the island part and the party. Legit, straight-up stupid of me to assume it was on the northern end of the island. Also dumb not to have left earlier, considering not sure where it was. Series of entirely preventable unfortunate events culminates in Adam… Continue reading Jetski “Party”

proposed adventure kit

shovel 2 rolls toilet paper 20L drinking water 5 gallons gas + can jump starter jumper cables flares? or something else to show you’ve broken down ahead satellite emergency locator thing (if hardcore) $250+ worth of local currency $200+ USD protein bars stove, with fuel for it coffee (instant iff can tolerate) shade cloth 1… Continue reading proposed adventure kit