just looking

Yeah, I’ll eventually do something with these other than admire them… probably;) I guess we have the sauna. This is inside the “cut into little pieces” container at 3:20. It’d been sitting in the sun fully closed all day. Air temp outside was ~85. Also, it’s painted a dark matte blue, much better aesthetically than… Continue reading just looking

legos stacked

I built something that looks impossible today. I’d talked about it for years, and now it exists. Here’s what happened in 50 seconds: 4 piers (combining to 2 underground) are the only points of contact with the ground. The 20′ container is welded to rebar in the piers, and the 40′ container is welded to… Continue reading legos stacked

a working boat

Is a simple boat: my $100 kayak does great, dropping it in the water and rowing past Punta Gorda in no time. Fish aren’t amazing, or at least the ones I shoot aren’t. Both this and last times I’ve had a big one come up and check out what I’m doing. Today it was a… Continue reading a working boat

smarter dirtbag grids

Brainstorming better ways to handle power for here and a buddy’s project. How can we make our microgrids smarter without spending a bunch of money or developing years of custom stuff? Here’s my rough sketch, and here’s some cheap gear that will require some hacking but might actually work: Wifi-controllable outlets that monitor energy usage… Continue reading smarter dirtbag grids

progress (-jet)

Maybe don’t buy used versions of things at steep discounts without knowing enough about that type of thing to discover the reasons behind the price. Another jetski attempt; another failure. Much to my surprise, I get it into the water without help from anything more animate than some ropes. No photos, as I was running/swimming… Continue reading progress (-jet)

caravana de problemas

Maybe I didn’t need a trailer in quite as rough shape… or at least I could have put stacks of solar inside vs. atop. On further Introspection and inspection, the bulk of damage was repeatedly ramming into an unseen tree as I tried to get off adjacent lot and onto my own. Whoops. Foam gun… Continue reading caravana de problemas

stick bug

Mainly writing + trailer diagnostics today. Check out this new friend! La Ventana isn’t lacking in fauna extrañera…

poder de palapas

I think I might have had too much caffeine this morning: Alexander’s rolling fast and we hit 2 turkey vultures on the 20-mile drive to fish by the abandoned hotel. Hit as in they flew in front of Alexander and ended up very dead. Only other bird I know of hitting was a pigeon that… Continue reading poder de palapas

greedy good trouble

TLDR: we’re going to save the world by shorting companies, paying people crypto to protest, and using the profit to dismantle the worst polluters. It’s so stupid it just might work. Relaxing day, so I’ll write about *the* idea I can’t get out of my head. Hopefully someone else will make it so I don’t… Continue reading greedy good trouble

palapas importantes

Apparently I’m not the only one upset by palapas destroyers. Maribel forwards me this: Google translates to: October 26, 2021DEAR SERGEANT AND WINDOW COMMUNITY:Faced with the false opinions, assumptions and defamations of which we are being subjected, it is pertinent to inform with pleasure and pride, the following: TATEHUARI is a proudly Mexican, South Californian… Continue reading palapas importantes