Jetskis, Bottles

Lotsa jetski service today. Not quite all working, but 2 starting. Feast or famine… New favorite fence in town! I want to find + price these ‘rocks wrapped in wire’ retaining wall things as a potential building element for later experiments at Dirtnail Estates.

Tailgates, Fishes

Alexander finally gets a tailgate better than a 2×4! Not pretty, but effective. 2 layers so it might kinda maybe work as a ramp, too. Dinner is the same fish 3 ways: green jacks as sashimi, ceviche, and baked. Not exactly roughing it here…

Model, With Decks

Not sure if I can handle the lack of symmetry, but this would be a deck layout that’s hexagonal with each side a different length. Side view might make a bit more sense. Todo add water storage, gear cabinets, hot tub, cold plunge, and soaking pool(s). You can play with the model here.


Well worth the trip for the bakery. The piano museum not so much… and this was one of my favorite pieces there. Here’s an interesting cement finish. Scratched? And not the worst door. These colored glass blocks are a standard Home Depot thing here. Tempted to use them but not sure how to do so… Continue reading Triunfo

Drinking Air

This is my first cup of water from solar-powered dehumidifier that I drank! The brown is from leftover morning coffee… I think. It tasted watery, vaguely coffee-like, and entirely non-lethal. Here’s my filter setup. A bit of googling convinces me my .1 micron is likely to get out any little bits of stuff from the… Continue reading Drinking Air


Kate and I cut big holes in the 40′: 4 at 3’x8′ each. Moana admiring the view from her work while I admire her:) This janky setup worked like a charm, only flipping its breaker once: ~12kw generator (newly arrived from Amazon via Postall, with a nifty remote start/stop keyfob) 45A plasma cutter (left over… Continue reading Holey

Looking Up

Much easier to get to the best view, with 1″ 11ga steel tubing ladders to top of 20′ and 40′ containers. Trick from Tim A. for getting rid of container roof dents and even creating an outward curve: jack up middle with a jack + steel tube. And, Kate made herself a pole-dancing stage!

Concrete Furniture

We took this course, and here’s my first project. Not resulting in a magic total knowledge of how to work with concrete, but certainly learning a lot. More hexapods!:)

Air Water

After overresearching DIY systems for atmospheric water generation, I’ve finally started using the simplest high-output thing I could find: Literally a normal dehumidifier. Maybe I’ll modify it later and probably I should take apart to see what kinds of plastics and metals are contacting the water, but for now we’ve got up to ~5 gallons… Continue reading Air Water