prototyping rolling

One of 8 barn doors (kinda) mounted! Interferes with ladder by half an inch, but nothing a little plasma cutting can’t fix;)

ultimate fish-hunting chariot

Tried sonar in-hull on jetski yesterday; total fail. made this bracket to hang off back of jetski, and works! or, at least the sonar shows depths and sometimes stuff that isn’t bottom. hasn’t made me any better of a fisher: one tiny snapper is all for the day’s haul.

barn doors

Deciding between full DIY (this is my favorite design so far) and parts from a kit, I bought a set of these at Metalum, our friendly La Paz metal store. No documentation included or anywhere I can find online.. full DIY is looking like the way to go;)


Takes me an hour to research and learn that i need to adjust the low idle screw. then, within coupla small turns, jetski’s starting nicely. redneck recreation maintenance skill unlocked!

Casita CAD

Have at it. Nothing fancy, but should be a nice little 2-bedroom. Especially with rooftop deck!

motorcycle to fishing

Or at least that’s the plan. Leaving my mask at home –> lotsa motorcycling with too much gear and no fishies:(